If you want to pay one bonus for all participants of your order, you don't need user IDs and you can easily do the payment yourself by following this process:

  1. Go to "Teams" in your account, create an Allowlist team and choose the order of your participants from a drop down menu. Add all participants.

  2. Then, only for the purpose of payment, order a new survey, from our own tool. There you don't need to insert a link and code, but only a question/sentence (like "This is your bonus") and the payment (the bonus). The Clickworkers just need to 'answer' the question to save the job and automatically receive the money. You invite only the Clickworkers eligible for the bonus via the Allowlist team.

If you want to pay different bonus amounts, it is easier for you to let us do the payment. Please contact us in this case and we will let you know the service fee we are charging. 

In this case you need the Clickworker IDs to let us know how much each user receives. In our own survey tool, the Clickworker IDs are gathered automatically, you can see them in the order details and in the order's export file. If you use an external survey tool, you have to choose that we automatically transfer the IDs to your tool, in which you need to check a setting.