Building your own target groups

You can set up your order in a way that only certain Clickworkers can work on it. This way, you can either exclude former participants from taking part again or you can invite certain Clickworkers.

Please take a look at our guide on how to create teams that you can then add as a target group to your orders.

Allowlists invite the Clickworkers from your team to your order.

In Survey orders, this way you can question former participants again.

In Text orders, this may be practical in case you already gathered a group of authors whose texts you liked and whom you would like to "hire" again.

Blocklists prevent Clickworkers from your team from participating in your order.

In Survey orders, this is helpful if you do not want to question participants a second time.

In Text orders, this is helpful if you do not want a certain author to write a text for you again.

Please be aware: You can always create target groups out of all participants from your former project.

To add only specific participants, you would need their user IDs.