Access to your survey

If you want to share a link to your survey with our crowd, we always recommend choosing our Extended External survey product where you upload individual links and codes to your survey. In order to use this product, your survey tool needs to provide the links and codes in advance to you, codes cannot be given out randomly.

Checks within your survey

  • Additionally, we suggest adding attention checks to your survey. These are useful for excluding inattentive participants from the survey. Usually the questions are structured in such a way that a specific answer must be given, which is mentioned in the question itself. If this question is answered incorrectly, participants should be directed out of the survey to an explanation why they were excluded (their IP addresses should be automatically blocked as well so that they cannot reenter the survey).
  • If you want participants to read a text in your survey, before you show the text you can warn about attention check questions following. On the page after the text, you can ask users to answer a simple question about the text. Here, you can also exclude inattentive users from your survey.
  • You can also add a Captcha verification as an additional safety measure to automatically screen out bot answers.