Within the order process you can restrict the participants according to: 

  • Age 
  • Gender 
  • Country 
  • Native Language
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Devices (Desktop, Android, iOS), or
  • Predefined teams of users who participated in your previous clickworker orders. 

If you need to filter for other attributes as well (like specific region within country of residence, job, relationship status, ethnicity, etc.), please run a prescreening. You can either do a prescreening as a separate order and form an Allowlist team out of fitting participants or you can do the prescreening within your survey, at the beginning. 

You could set up the prescreening on the very first page of your survey and automatically exclude all users who answer "no" from the survey (their IP addresses should also be blocked to prevent them from trying again via the survey link). Like this you keep these users from getting to the final page of your survey to retrieve the payment code. All users answering "yes" could be automatically led to the next page